Wednesday, 23 February 2011

thank u my dear frens

arini nk buat short entry jz to say a big thank you to all my frens yg sgt2 supportive. i feel much better now. u know what? this is jz because all off u my dear frens.

thank u sume, yg pnjmkn telinga utk dgr sy merepek2, pnjamkan their comfy shoulder for me to cry on, n sume2 nye, *countless* i'm so glad cz of having all of u in my life. terharu sgt, tika mana sy xmmpu buat apa2, blurr skejap but now i feel much better, yess much much better. wpun sume nye takkn berlalu cm tu je kan, i know Allah tak uji hamba Nya kalo Dia tahu kita xmmpu utk menanggung nya, sy redha.

to my dear frens, dis is for all of u out there. ♥ ♥ ♥ u all :)

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