Thursday, 17 December 2009

Thinking of goin 2 Lumut

waduhhh, still can't decide whether 2 go 2 Lumut or not.. ikutkan hati, mmg nk sgt pg, 70% of my heart saying that i want 2 go there. huhu, njoy2 n lupekan skejap kje kt kl. jmpe kwn2 kt sane.. waa, besnye, it must be a great n wonderful time. but, there are few things dat putting me into dilemma

1. i can't go 2 my sewing class dis sat n sunday. luv to go there,, n plus i only have 1 more pattern to do. it's 'baju melayu' eh ;) many patterns were done; bj kurung, bj kurung moden, kurung pahang kebaya tradisional, kebaya moden and blouse with colar.. happy n njoy doing al dis things.

2. i want to take my parcel, it's from mummy then. i ask mummy to send me bj melayu ayh, for my next sewing class. hehe, can't find anybody dat i can take his measurements.. huhu, so, dats the only solution i have, asking mummy to post them 4 me.

3. i m waiting for my dearest. hehehe, it's my new sewing machine. she'l be my gud fren aftr dis. dat p.cik said, he'l send it by 2day or 2mrw. how i'm so xcted waitg 4 her;)

4. test 1~ aduhh, x mrking lg, mls sgt nk start, but once dh start ok je.. hehe, if pg ni, jawabnye balik karang la..haihhh,

mmm... should i go??? really want to go actually.hehehe, gedik la jugak ni. kalo x pg, boring jugak cz housemate xde, shimah went to k'lantan n 'll be bek on monday. mayb i should go, jz njoy the moment. hahaha;)

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