Monday, 14 December 2009

My Thesis

It's already more than 1 month i've submitted my thesis.. Dat means, more than 1 month i'm jz bz doing my own work. hahah,wht kind of works i've ya?? whtever it is, my life still bz, don't know why, still lot of things to be done..

::common question from my supervisor::

spvsor : awk buat ape skrg ct?

Me: (senyum tersipu2 kononnye) hehehe, sy berehat2 je Dr.

spvsor: hmm.. xpela ct, awk berehat la dlu. smbil tu jgn lupe baca buku tu

Me: ye Dr. sy tgh bace (dlm hati senyum sndri)

From the time i finished writing my thesis, it have been a few times he asking me that ques. hehe, guess wht? the same answers were given..

I've read few chapters from dat book , seems 'interesting'... n i'll make sure that i'll fall in love with my 'Robust Statistics'. hehehe.

Ohh, my thesis. again n again. really neves waiting for the result. hopefully evthg 'll be fine. the only things i can do is 'doa'. Smg Allah permudahkn segalanya n xde mslh2 yg timbul.

5 copies of my softbound thesis. jz hope that evthg 'll b OK b4 end of dis year. jz few days left.

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