Monday, 22 March 2010

i'm addicted again!!!!

huhhhhh.. i've spent for so long in tonite. (patutkah rase menyesal setelah kje yg sepatutnye d buat tlh d abaikan??? oh no.. it's ok, can be consider as eyes teraphy.. hahaha, wht kind of therapy it is) ohoho.. i'm addicted again. keep on adding sumthing in my wishlist.. yehaaa, wait till the right time &&&, i'm gonna clear my wish list and finally add them in my shopping cart :) hahahahaa (gelak jahatttt)

uhuhu.. i'm sooooo in love with that two bags. hmmm.. still thinking, shud i take either 1. wa, it's nice. i love them... "two is better than one" hahahahah

nice sunglass, but it's too expansive. so, i'l delete it from my wish list. won't move it into my shopping cart yea. but i like it. hehehe :) still can find others. not a big deal rite??

shhhhh.. jz a part of my wish list content..xboley tnjuk sume,, sgt bhy. hahahah. i jz can't help myself from adding evthg in my wishlist.. it sooo nice, hmmmm.. ok enuf.. need to sleep n start the new day tomorrow. lot of things to be done :)

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